Why should you become an AJBC panelist?

We don't just value your opinion, we need it! We need your input on everything from new products and services to purchasing behavior to more personally impactful topics like healthcare, jobs, border security and gun laws. Online surveys only become an effective tool for change when consumers like you join our panel and share your insights with us.


It's free to join

Being a panelist on ANY legitimate survey site should NEVER cost you money! If a site requires payment information (credit card or bank account numbers) or personal information (like your social security or drivers license number) to take surveys or become a panelist, they may be after more than just your opinion!


Get rewarded for sharing your opinion

AJBC collects and analyzes participant data and uses it to make informed decisions, investigate current issues and initiate discussions on topics that matter. Registered panelists are notified when a new survey is posted. Each time a registered panelist completes a new survey, he or she is entered into a monthly drawing to win a $50 gift card!


Privacy and anonymity

We respect your privacy. We will not sell or share your information. In addition, all data is separated from personal information before analysis. You'll get credit for completing each survey, but identifying information will be removed from survey responses before they are entered into our database. We want your honest responses no matter what they are!


It feels good!

Let's face it: life can sometimes be frustrating, depressing, horrifying .... Who did you vote for in the last presidential election? Are you happy with the outcome? Are you appalled by the amount of gun violence in America? Are your healthcare benefits at the mercy of a divided government? Sometimes, it can be beneficial to have a productive outlet for our feelings and frustration, especially when we have little control over events. Using your voice by participating in our surveys and others and engaging in discussions generated by our blog are positive, proactive ways to make yourself be heard!