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Many of our clients request full-scale research services that include survey design, data collection and analysis, and presentation, summary and/or report preparation complete with charts, graphs or tables and recommendations. Our expert questionnaire writers and skilled analysts meet the high standards clients expect to ensure their research succeeds. Our goal is to deliver actionable information that leads to confident, agile decisions.


Continuity is key. Clients work with the same project manager through all steps of the project to facilitate effective two-way communication and ensure high quality results are achieved at the lowest cost. Working with a single, dedicated project manager streamlines the process without sacrificing the accurate, reliable results A. J. Baron Communications is known for.

Our services can be tailored to meet each individual client's needs. A. J. Baron Communications has worked successfully with clients from a variety of industries including education, associations, insurance, medicine, trial consulting, online retail, manufacturing, Big Pharma, publishing, hotel/travel, government, technology, brick and mortar retail ... and more!

Each full-service project is structured around six underlying steps that serve as a starting point for developing a client's comprehensive, customized research plan.

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Use to "gap the field." Our expertise and experience generate results and provide clients with a competitive advantage to outpace the competition. Contact us for more information or request a proposal to learn more about what A. J. Baron Communications can do for your organization.

Step #1: Initial Consultation

Consult with an AJBC project manager to refine your research project.

Project Manager and Client will hold an initial consultation to establish a timeline and define goals and expectations for the research. Data collection, data analysis and reporting methodologies will be selected.

Step #2: Your Survey

Launch your survey with

Client will provide an existing survey for modification or use in the current project or the Project Manager will develop an original survey. A new survey may be based on interviews or focus groups, a review of the literature, Client documents or prior Client research.

Step #3: Collect Data

Survey research by

Data will be collected via surveys posted to or  emailed to a participant list provided by the Client, interviews, focus groups, or some other format determined during the initial consultation.

Step #4: Analyze analyzes your data.

Qualitative and/or quantitative data will be analyzed based on the goals and expectations established during the initial consultation or subsequent communication with the Project Manager.

Step #5: Summarize

Reports and presentations by

An executive summary, report and/or presentation complete with an action plan, charts, tables and/or graphs will be provided as determined during the initial consultation or subsequent communication with the Project Manager.

Step #6: Debrief

Discuss your survey results with a project manager from

A final consultation with the Project Manager includes a review of the results, report or presentation structure and a discussion of recommendations.