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Your Privacy We value your privacy and assure you that your email address, personal information and survey responses are solely for the use of A. J. Baron Communications. Your email address and personal information are necessary to prevent duplications, mail gift cards and verify your eligibility for each study. Demographic, attitudinal and experiential information are important to understanding the responses you provide to specific, topical study questions. Your identifiable personal information will never be revealed to anyone outside of A. J. Baron Communications. We do not sell, rent or share your personal information and maintain the highest level of security in protecting your personal information, including all contact information. In addition, study data, once recorded, is separated from identifying personal information to ensure your anonymity and encourage honest, frank participation when answering survey questions.


All information is stored safely, securely and in accordance with industry best practices. This is our commitment to you. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement or the privacy and security of information, contact us at

Registration Registering to participate with A. J. Baron Communications is easy. We ask you to fill out a form providing us with certain personal information. We collect information such as (but not limited to) name, address, email address, phone number, gender, employment status, household income, and education level. Your participation is strictly voluntary; if you choose to participate in AJBC online surveys, you will be required to complete all indicated fields to be eligible for the monthly drawing to win a $50 gift card. When you register with A. J. Baron Communications, you agree to: (1) to receive a confirmation email from us confirming your registration; (2) to receive emails inviting you to participate in surveys with links to the surveys; (3) when applicable, to receive a confirmation email from us confirming completion and receipt of an AJBC survey; (4) to receive email responses to questions, comments or updates to your member profile that you submit to the web site; (5) to receive email notification of an issue with one of your submissions; (6) to receive email notification if your name is selected as a winner in a monthly reward drawing.

Cookies and Other Technologies. HTTP cookies, IP addresses, browser user agent information, HTML cookies and/or Flash Local Shared Objects (Flash Cookies) may be used at various points of interaction to provide for a better user experience, to safeguard your personal information and to protect the integrity of the data collection process. These and other digital fingerprinting technologies are not used to collect data for any means other than the aforementioned reasons. Under no circumstances are these technologies used to prevent A. J. Baron Communication registered panelists from deleting or removing cookies. Web and application server logs are used solely for security, support, troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. Similarly, Google Analytics is used to collect information for site optimization and user statistics but does not collect any personally identifiable information.

Social Networks and Social Media A. J. Baron Communications may provide integrations into Social Networks to provide a better product to consumers. This integration may require authentication and linking of certain information from these Social Networks. We will identify such information and ask for your permission during this process.

Opportunity to Correct/Update Information You can correct factual errors, review and/or update your profile at any time. To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections. You will receive a follow up email from A. J. Baron Communications indicating that your member profile has been updated accordingly.

Notification of Changes If we make any material changes in our privacy practices, we will post a prominent notice on our Web site notifying members of the change. Any material changes in our Privacy Policy will be posted 30 days prior to the date such changes are implemented. In some cases, we will also email members, who have opted to receive communications from us, notifying them of the changes in our privacy practices. If you do not agree with the changes made to this Privacy Policy, you may unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe You don't have to participate in every survey; if you don't respond, we will contact you later about another survey. However, to be entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card, you are required to have filled out at least one survey in that month. If at any time you decide that you don't want to participate in our surveys anymore, you can unsubscribe and we will send you an email indicating that we have processed your request to unsubscribe. After we have received and processed your request to unsubscribe, you will no longer receive emails from A. J. Baron Communications inviting you to participate in surveys.

Unsolicited Emails A. J. Baron Communications never spams or sends unsolicited commercial emails. Members who spam in order to generate referrals are ineligible to participate in monthly drawings and will be permanently disqualified from participation in A. J. Baron Communications surveys.

General By visiting this Web site you agree that this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Web site. All disputes over privacy shall be governed as set forth in this Privacy Policy or in the Terms and Conditions, including applicable law, arbitration rules and limitations on damages. You should review the Web site periodically for any changes to this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our privacy policies or practices, we would like to know what they are so we can address them. Please contact us at Effective date: May 1, 2017.

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions A. J. Baron Communications is an online research services firm with more than two decades of experience conducting surveys and managing research projects. Individuals may register to become panelists of and if eligible, may participate in online surveys conducted on behalf of A. J. Baron Communications or A. J. Baron Communication's clients. Qualified panelists are entered into monthly drawings in the months they fully complete a new survey. By visiting this web site or registering to become a panelist, you agree to the following terms ("Terms & Conditions"). These Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy and all documents referenced herein) constitute the entire agreement between you and A. J. Baron Communications with respect to your use of the web site, your registration, membership, referrals and participation in surveys.

Eligibility Membership registration with is limited to individuals who are allowed to register under the laws of the United States and under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the individual resides. Employees of A. J. Baron Communications and its affiliates are ineligible to participate in surveys. Employees of A. J. Baron Communications and its affiliates may register as members solely to refer friends to, but may not refer other employees of A. J. Baron Communications or employees of affiliates. By registering as a panelist of, you agree to be bound by all eligibility determinations made by A. J. Baron Communications in accordance with the particular specifications of each survey, applicable survey research codes of ethics, applicable laws and these Terms and Conditions. Such eligibility determination shall be made by A. J. Baron Communication in its sole discretion, and such decisions are final and binding.

Registration and Participation To register to be a panelist for, you must provide all information required in the registration form and submit that form to for validation and verification. Only one registration form per person may be submitted. When you sign up to complete A. J. Baron Communication surveys (or those of a client), you will designate your own email address and a unique password. You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your email address and password. You agree to immediately notify of any unauthorized use of your email address and password. By registering with, you agree to receive email messages from inviting you to participate in research surveys and other information pertaining to your membership and the administration thereof. These communications are considered to be a necessary part of your membership and you may only opt out of receiving these messages by terminating your membership. You may accept or decline an invitation to participate in a survey at any time and may only use your email and password to participate one time per survey. You may not allow any other person to use your email address or password to access Additional entries into monthly drawings will not be earned for surveys completed by anyone other than the registered panelist. Members who permit any other persons to complete surveys under the member's email address and password may be disqualified from any further participation in In consideration of your becoming a registered member panelist you represent that you are not barred from receiving internet access or participating in under the laws of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction. You also agree to: (1) provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself as required in the registration section; (2) maintain and update the registration information to keep it accurate, current and complete; and (3) comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States from the country in which you reside and to and from the country or countries in which you receive or transmit information to or from

The Survey Process From time to time, registered members will receive emails from inviting them to participate in a survey currently being conducted. Surveys are conducted for the benefit of A. J. Baron Communications and its clients who have requested online research for a particular topic, product or service within a particular demographic segment or segments of the population. Since many clients will require their surveys to focus on specific demographic groups, not all registered panelists will be invited to participate in every survey and not all respondents to an email survey invitation will be allowed to complete each survey. Invitations to participate in surveys will be sent out based upon the demographic criteria provided by members during the registration process. Registered panelists who agree to participate in a survey for which they have received an email invitation may access the survey by clicking on the link provided in the email invitation. The respondent member will then be linked to a server containing a series of screening questions designed to ensure that a representative population of members meeting the client's survey criteria are included in the survey process. The screening questions are not a part of the actual survey. The number of screening questions asked prior to the start of each survey will be limited in number but will vary by survey. Unless a particular survey has already received a sufficient number of responses or has otherwise been closed, those respondents that answer all the screen questions and meet all of the client requirements for the survey will be linked to the survey. Those panelists who then complete the survey and whose completed survey results are validated by A. J. Baron Communications will be entitled to be entered into that month's drawing for a $50 gift card. A. J. Baron Communications does not compensate members for answering screening questions, or for partially completed survey responses. A. J. Baron Communications only receives compensation from its survey clients for completed and validated survey responses. Should a particular survey receive a sufficient number of responses prior to your completion of  such survey, that survey may be closed to further participation. A. J. Baron Communications reserves the right to close a survey at any time.

Monthly Drawings offers registered panelists, in exchange for completed and validated surveys, entry into a monthly drawing for the month a completed, validated survey is submitted by the panelist. Registered panelists may earn one entry per completed, validated survey. However, if the registered panelist qualifies for and completes multiple, unique surveys in a given month, the registered panelist will earn that number of entries into the monthly drawing (e.g., the registered panelist completes 4 unique surveys, he or she will earn 4 entrees into the monthly drawing once survey responses are verified and validated by A. J. Baron Communications). Registered panelists may only complete a new survey once. Any attempts to circumvent this rule will result in the registered panelist's account being de-activated and removed from the database. The registered panelist will also be permanently banned from future participation in surveys. A. J. Baron Communications research and that of our clients depends on honest, forthright, complete and UNIQUE survey responses in order to yield useful, actionable, impactful data.

Member Privacy The privacy of our registered panelists and the confidentiality of the personal information they provide us are A. J. Baron Communication's top priority. Personal information will never be included with the survey response information we provide to our clients without the panelist's consent, nor will we ever sell any of your personal information to any third party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details on the steps we take to ensure your privacy.

Disqualification and Termination Persons found engaging in the following activities may be disqualified from participating in surveys and from being entered into monthly drawings for gift card prizes, and their membership, if any, may be terminated immediately and without notice: (1) tampering with, disrupting, or attempting to disrupt, or any unauthorized use, misuse or abuse of any aspect of or any client survey; (2) violating any applicable law with respect to the use of; (3) allowing any unauthorized person to use your email address or password to access; (4) providing or maintaining incomplete or inaccurate registration information; (5) attempting to defraud the survey system through multiple entries for the same survey, false identification or email addresses, false registration, false impersonation or any other means; (6) failing to provide complete and accurate information required for disbursement of drawing winnings; (7) violating the Anti-Spam Policy or (8) for any other material breach of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy. Termination for any of the aforementioned reasons includes: (1) removal of all access to participation in surveys and referral of new members; (2) removal of all email address, password, drawing entry and registration information; (3) forfeiture of rewards and winnings; and (4) prohibition of future registration on and use of Termination for any of the aforementioned reasons may also subject such member to civil and criminal penalties and may result in legal action against such member. Members may also terminate their membership upon request. Such termination would include removal of all access to participation in surveys. A. J. Baron Communications reserves the right to terminate the account of any member and/or modify, or discontinue temporarily or permanently the Web site, services and/or monthly drawing program (or any part thereof) with or without cause, notice or explanation. A. J. Baron Communications shall not be liable to any member, former member or third party for any termination of a member or for any modification or discontinuance of the Web site, services or monthly drawing program (or any part thereof). A. J. Baron Communications may invalidate a member's participation in particular surveys if the respondent panelist does not meet the client's requirements as evidenced by their responses to the screening questions, the survey is not completed within an allotted time frame or if any of the answers are deemed invalid during the validation procedures. Members will not receive monthly drawing entries for survey participation or referrals for any surveys which are not completed and validated.

Anti-Spam Policy Spamming includes any of the following acts: (1) creating and disseminating or facilitating the dissemination of unsolicited or unauthorized material using a computer; (2) manipulating identifiers, such as email headers, to disguise the origin of any content transmitted; and (3) harvesting email addresses for the purposes of sending unsolicited or unauthorized material. Persons who generate or attempt to generate referrals to through spamming will be disqualified from receiving any monthly drawing entries or rewards for their own participation in surveys and for the participation of any members they refer. A. J. Baron Communications will terminate the membership of any person who spams information about and/or A. J. Baron Communications and those persons will be permanently disqualified from future membership and from any other participation with

Proprietary Rights The web site is protected under U.S. patent law. All surveys and other content contained on, or linked to or from, are protected by copyright, trademark, service mark and other intellectual property laws. Except as expressly authorized by A. J. Baron Communications, you agree not to use, reproduce, disclose, duplicate, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, exploit for any commercial purpose, or create derivative works based upon the web site, content or services provided therein, in whole or in part. A. J. Baron Communications grants you a personal, non-commercial, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the object code of its software on a single computer or mobile device for the limited purposes of registering as a member, completing surveys and referring prospective panelists, provided you do not (and you do not allow third parties to): (1) distribute, disclose, copy, modify or create derivative works of the software or content; (2) reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or otherwise attempt to discover any source code; or (3) sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the software or content for any purpose. You agree to access only through the interface provided by

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability This site and all content on this site are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. A. J. Baron Communications and make no representations or warranties of any kind, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, as to the operation of this site or the information, content, materials or services included on this site. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk. A. J. Baron Communications and do not warrant that this site, its services or email sent: (1) will meet your requirements; (2) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, accurate or error free; or (3) are free of viruses or other harmful components. A. J. Baron Communications and are not responsible for lost, interrupted or unavailable network server or other connections, miscommunications, failed telephone or computer transmissions, technical failure, jumbled, scrambled or misdirected transmissions, deletions or disclosures of data and information or other error of any kind whether human, mechanical or electronic. To the fullest extent permissible by law, A. J. Baron Communications and disclaim all warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, title and noninfringement. Even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages, A. J. Baron Communications and will not be liable for any damages of any kind (whether in contract, statute, tort, strict liability or under any other legal theory) arising from the use of this site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, including, but limited to, loss of use, lost profits or loss of data, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services, losses resulting from any data, information or services received through the use of the web site, unauthorized access to or alteration, deletion or disclosure of your transmissions, information or data, the performance, misperformance or nonperformance of services, or the acts or omissions of third parties. Some jurisdictions do not allow for the limitation of implied warranties or the exclusion of certain types of damages, in which case, some or all of the above limitations may not apply to you. In the event that a court or arbitration panel, as the case may be, should hold that the limitations of liabilities or remedies available as set forth in these terms and conditions, or any portions hereof, are unenforceable for any reason, or that any of your remedies under these terms and conditions fail, then you expressly agree that under no circumstances will the total, aggregate liability of A. J. Baron Communications or and their affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, licensors (including third party service providers) and clients, to you or any party claiming by or through you for any case whatsoever exceed the monthly awards actually and validly owed to you by, regardless of the form of action and whether in contract, statute, tort, strict liability or otherwise.

Indemnity You agree to indemnify and hold, A. J. Baron Communications and their affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, licensors (including third party service providers) and clients harmless from any claims, demands, losses, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees, made by any person arising out of your violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, state or federal laws or regulations, or any other person's rights, including but not limited to infringement of any intellectual property right or violation of any proprietary or privacy right.

Third Party Beneficiaries You agree that third party service providers are deemed to be third party beneficiaries of these Terms and Conditions. Except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, there are no other third party beneficiaries.

Links You may have been referred to this web site or accessed this web site through a link from a third party web site. A. J. Baron Communications and do not own such third party sites and have no control over the information contained on such web sites. As such, A. J. Baron Communications and are not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or services available from such web sites or for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on the content, advertising, products or services contained on such web sites. Beware of any web site that asks you to pay them a fee in exchange for survey opportunities. Such sites may make claims regarding the number of surveys in which you can participate and the amount of money you can earn completing surveys online. They have made these claims without consulting A. J. Baron Communications/ and we do not uphold these promises. Such sites, to our knowledge, have not been approved by any of the major market research industry organizations, including the Council of American Survey Research Organizations, the Market Research Association (MRA), and the American Marketing Association (AMA). A. J. Baron Communications/ make no guarantee as to how many surveys you will be asked to respond to via our web site, how many surveys you will qualify to complete based upon your responses to the screening questions or how many rewards you can earn responding to our surveys and those on other sites. There are no fees associated with registering as a member of or completing any online surveys for

Work From Home Job Leads Any and all work-from-home job leads posted to are leads and not a guarantee of paid work by A. J. Baron Communications or Onlinesurveysbyajbc. A. J. Baron Communications screens all leads before they are posted, however, site visitors should always perform due diligence themselves prior to applying for any job. Neither A. J. Baron Communications nor require payment in exchange for access to posted job leads. Always research a company or organization prior to applying for a position or providing the personal and protected information requested in job applications. Never provide payment information to apply for a job.

General These Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy) and all documents referenced herein constitute the entire agreement governing your use of this web site and supersede all prior and contemporaneous agreements. Each party consents to submit all disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions (excluding requests for injunction) exclusively to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for binding arbitration. The arbitration shall be governed by the United States Arbitration Act, shall be conducted in Chicago, Illinois, and judgment on the award may be entered by any court having jurisdiction. The arbitrator shall not limit, expand or modify the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Each party shall bear its own expenses and an equal share of all arbitration fees and costs. The arbitrator(s) shall be competent in the legal and technical aspects of the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions. The arbitration hearings, orders and awards shall be held in confidence by all participants. The failure of A. J. Baron Communications/ to exercise or enforce any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of any such right or provision. If any provision is held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall be maintained in full force and effect. Under no circumstances shall, A. J. Baron Communications, or any of their affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, licensors (including third party service providers) or clients be held liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces, or causes beyond their reasonable control, including, without limitation, internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labor or materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, government actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals, non-performance of third parties, or loss of or fluctuations in heat, light or air conditioning. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and UCITA shall not apply to this Agreement. Any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions or the use of the web site, must be filed within one (1) year after such claims or cause of action arose, or be forever barred. You agree to be bound by an affirmation, assent or agreement you transmit through You agree that now and in the future, when you click on an "I agree" or "I consent" or other similarly worded online "button" or entry field with your mouse that your agreement or consent will be legally binding, enforceable and the equivalent of your handwritten signature.